iPhone to start selling at Walmart for $197, not $99 as hoped

December 18, 2008

Details of the deal were leaked here. This goes online December 28th.

Former Palm VP says Nokia/Symbian in trouble

December 16, 2008

Former VP of Palm and now Consultant Michael Mace slams Nokia (owner of Symbian since last summer), after attending the Symbian Partner Event in SF on December 4, saying they are “running in molasses”  and will have trouble maintaining their current lead in the market.

I am not at all saying that Nokia is doomed. They are an outstanding company, with smart people, a great brand, and enormous strengths. But they need to understand that turning the battleship a little faster won’t win the war. Nokia’s smartphone competitors are not standing in molasses; they won’t stay still long enough for the 16-inch guns to be pointed at them. More importantly, the competitors on the services side breed like vampire rabbits. By the time you blow away a clutch of them, three dozen more have hatched and are sucking blood from the other side of the ship.

This provoked a response from Symbian Exec VP here.

Palm opens App Store

December 16, 2008

Article here. Already it has over 5,000 apps, compared to 500 on Android Market and 10,000 on iPhone App Store.

Handango becomes first distributor of paid Android apps

December 16, 2008

Press release here. It’s a bit old (early October). The Android Market (which comes pre-installed) won’t be distributing paid apps until Q1 2009.

iPhone App Rankings

December 16, 2008

Here’s the list of top 100 iPhone apps. There are some pretty interesting entries.. the pull my finger and similar apps (e.g., Amateur Surgeon) are perhaps where they are due to recent slashdot’ing about Apple deciding suddenly to approve “limited utility” and adult rated apps.

Roughly 1/3 of these are useful utilities. 1/2 are games. 1/3 are completely frivolous. Yikes.

The app rankings are based on number of downloads. Apps on this list can see hundreds to thousands of downloads per day, and are mostly priced on the cheap.

There is some info online about how well these apps do (or don’t do). Here’s one example for a simple basketball game priced at $0.99, that generates 60-350 sales per day (at least when the piece was written).

Gartner releases new smartphone rankings

December 16, 2008

The release has new smartphone market share rankings:

Handset vendors: Nokia (42.4%), RIM (15.9%), Apple (12.9%), HTC (4.5%), and Sharp (3.4%).

Operating systems: Symbian (49.8%), RIM (15.9%), iPhone (12.9%), Windows Mobile (11.1%), Linux (7.2%), and Palm (2.1%). Some notes:

  • Android is a linux platform, but the report doesn’t differentiate it from other more established linux deployments.. so it’s hard to see what early progress it’s making.
  • As of this quarter, Windows Mobile is behind iPhone (which is growing at over 300% / quarter).

36.5 million smartphones were sold worldwide in Q3 2008, up 11.5% from Q3 2007.

Microsoft already got on the bandwagon

December 16, 2008

This one is really late (August 26).. here’s a Windows Mobile 6 touch screen phone– the HTC Touch Pro– released in late August. It’s not the first of its kind (especially if you consider pen interfaces “touch screen”). Press release here.

Nokia gets on the touch screen bandwagon

December 16, 2008

Ok, it’s a bit late. This was originally announced October 2. However, being that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is the first touch screen Symbian phone, I think it deserves a quick mention.. and it’s got pretty good reviews so far, though you really have to want it (still north of 500 USD on ebay). Business week coverage here, full specs here, original press release here.

Google Docs for Android

December 16, 2008

Gizmodo is running the announcement that Documents To Go (mobile Google Docs) is coming to Android, to allow full word/excel/pdf/etc support on Android. Apparently they already announced something similar for iPhone a while back.