Former Palm VP says Nokia/Symbian in trouble

December 16, 2008

Former VP of Palm and now Consultant Michael Mace slams Nokia (owner of Symbian since last summer), after attending the Symbian Partner Event in SF on December 4, saying they are “running in molasses”  and will have trouble maintaining their current lead in the market.

I am not at all saying that Nokia is doomed. They are an outstanding company, with smart people, a great brand, and enormous strengths. But they need to understand that turning the battleship a little faster won’t win the war. Nokia’s smartphone competitors are not standing in molasses; they won’t stay still long enough for the 16-inch guns to be pointed at them. More importantly, the competitors on the services side breed like vampire rabbits. By the time you blow away a clutch of them, three dozen more have hatched and are sucking blood from the other side of the ship.

This provoked a response from Symbian Exec VP here.

Palm opens App Store

December 16, 2008

Article here. Already it has over 5,000 apps, compared to 500 on Android Market and 10,000 on iPhone App Store.