iPhone and Blackberry to debut in Korea

December 18, 2008

Starting in late December or early January. Business Week coverage here.


Mobile phone market to shrink by 6.6%, Reuters poll shows.

December 17, 2008

Data is from a sampling of industry analysts. Their predictions varied from 13% contraction to 3% growth. Similar poll last year predicted 2.7% growth. Original article here

The article doesn’t differentiate between smartphones and non-smartphones.

Major Nokia supplier to let 5,000 workers go, Sony to shed 16,000 workers

December 17, 2008

Laird PLC, a major supplier for Nokia, is planning to layoff 5,000 jobs in US and Europe, and plans to transfer production to China and Mexico. From layoff blog. Laird press release here.

Business week reports that Sony (owner of Ericsson) will lose 8,000 of its workers (about 4% of its workforce) in an effort to reduce operating costs, and not renew contracts of another 8,000 employees. Original article here.

Nokia and Motorola holding 90% of Chinese smartphone market

December 17, 2008

The sum of the two companies marketshare stands at 89.15%. Of course, Nokia is the only one selling software (Symbian), with a consumer base and brand. Motorola is at the mercy of carriers and phone developers to use their chipsets.

About 7.4 million smartphones were sold in China in Q3 2008.

Original article here. Original CCID report with data here.

Verizon to unlock GPS on some of its mobile phones

December 17, 2008

Apparently some Verizon shipped handsets (Samsung Omnia and Saga, HTC Touch Pro) have GPS capability but it’s “locked”. The company plans to release an unlock patch in the first half of 2009. Original post here.

Next Zune to run Windows Mobile

December 17, 2008


Following suit with iPhone running darwin on its iPod varieties. Original article here.

Google now offering Street View for all major mobile platforms

December 17, 2008

It’s now available for iPhone (2.2 firmware), Blackberry, and Android. As of today also for Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile.